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Delicate Japanese western food prepared for passion and study, Japanese dish with colorful art of craftsmanship.
Both of the protagonists are the seasonal fruits of Nishiizu.Please enjoy the spectacular delicious harmony.
Lunch and tea casual at the stop by, and elegantly for a special day How about a dinner course?
Various cuisine cooking course are also popular for gatherings such as meetings and banquets, and in-house meals for group and group travel.
  • 【Restaurant】BAY ROOM ~ Baume

    Suitable for western food full course and various meetings, chic · heavy taste baillorm.For your stay on the sweet floor you will be guaranteed the seat by the window.

    Others We will guide you according to plan etc used.Both restaurants are exceptional for dinner while watching the setting sun.

    ※Please note that you can not specify the restaurant.We will guide you according to the usage situation etc. of the day.
    • A little advantageous couple plan
      In a somewhat advantageous couple plan, we will guide you at a special price for your luxurious stay at "Suite Floor × Baillorm".

      Although it is limited to the date, customers planning to travel for two people are advised to check the vacancy.
  • 【Two restaurants】DOLPHINE ~ Dolphin

    Correspond to meals in the group, various meetings, and breakfast buffet for your stay.
    It is a restaurant filled with light and smiles of the sea.
  • 【Hotel Recommended! 】Upgraded course shrimp preparation with the most prawn cuisine

    Recommended course the hotel original, which includes "Prawns of the Emperor" and "Shrimp of the Angel" in the course, which we offer with original purchase.

    The "shrimp of the emperor" that is surprised by its size spreads the taste of shrimp to a cup of mouth full of cheeks.Here is a steamed roast with lemon butter.
    "Angel shrimp" that you can enjoy together until the fragrance of a soft shell can be prepared with 5 tails per person, so first sashimi.And please enjoy the purity of shrimp with shrimp with rock salt grill.

    In addition, enjoy seafood shabu shabu, seasonal rice pot meat, etc together with delicious cuisine cuisine.
    • Various bespoke menu is available
      Crystal View Hotel, we offer a wealth of à la carte menu to make your meal more fulfilling. Nishiizu addition to fresh seafood from Nishiizu, please feel free to order meat, salad, fruit etc according to your preference.

      Depending on the menu, there are things that take time to prepare, so we recommend orders by the day before arrival.

      ※Please understand that it may not be available by purchase.
  • 【Buffet Breakfast】Suitable for the beginning of the day, Japanese and Western color buffet

    A new day of travel.
    A refreshing start is from the breakfast buffet at the Restaurant " Dolphin " that overlooks the sea.
    About 35 kinds of Japanese and Western cuisines, various dishes and ingredients and various drinks produce a fun start of the day.
    • salad bar
      Essential in the morning, a fresh vegetable salad bar.
      You can have plenty of fresh Izu vegetables.
    • Fruit / drink corner
      Please enjoy seasonal fruits, yoghurt and orange juice, coffee, milk and so on.
    • Notes

      Business hours
      7: 00 to 9: 30
      Buffet may not be carried out depending on circumstances.
      Please do not hesitate to contact us.