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【A】Koganezaki Crystal Park"Koganezaki Crystal Park" is a theme park where you can experience various fun, such as watching, playing, buying, eating, etc. while fully enjoying the beautiful charm that glasses play.
【B】KoganezakiNot only the scenic spot as the setting sun of the Suruga Bay sun and the Suruga Bay and Mt Fuji, but also the whole area of the Koganezaki is a park, and the open space of the lawn and the observation deck are maintained along with the promenade. There is. A collection garden where the various flowers bloom in the four seasons is also a recommended highlight spot.
【C】Lover CapeLover Cape Love call bell of Lover Cape Love call bell is said that love rings when called three times while calling name of thinker, and Certificate of Lovers is issued free of charge at rest area of entrance and becomes popular spot for young couple You are In addition, the observation platform which can be seen from Omaezaki to Mt Fuji over Suruga Bay is also famous as a superb view point.
【D】Dogashima TensodoThe main sightseeing spot of Dogashima ceiling of the Kaishoku Tunnel which is made like a honeycomb is loosened in the Tensodo.From this skylight the sunlight shines onto the sea surface and the emerald sea level is very mysterious.Cruise boats and cruise which can go around the skylight and visit the island are very popular.
【E】Cave tour boatA course full of dreams and thrill heading towards the mysterious cave, proceeding to sew a complex rias coast and small islands scattered.At the low tide, a path appears from inside the ocean, "Sanshirojima Island" famous for being able to walk to the island, a cave in the ocean "Beautiful light from the ceiling"Tensodo cave ", including Tensodo.
【F】Kayama Yuzo MuseumNishiizu and Dogashima blessed with rich nature.Yuzo Kayama loves this place."Kayama Yuzo Museum" to show off his world so much.Exhibit valuable materials such as treasure sheet and movie set reproduction musical score, musical instruments, private shot as well as paintings.You can enjoy all of Yuzo Kayama.
【H】Sawada ParkPoints excellent in view, such as the coastline of Dogashima and sunset.A prominent "Sawada Park Open Air Bath" is installed as a stop-by hot spring.

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【01】Toi Kinzan (Gold Mine)Toi Kinzan (Gold Mine) is Izu's largest Kanayama, boasting the amount of production next to Sado Gold mine from the Edo (time period) period to the Showa (time period) era. Showa (time period) is used as a tour galleries after the closing in Showa (time period) 40, and in addition to publicly presenting 250 kg of the world's largest gigantic gold at the Koganekan to the hotel's Koganekan, valuable materials and ores for Jinshan etc. Are on display.You can also enjoy gold dusting experiences.
【02】Nishiamagi plateauNishiamagi plateau at an altitude of 750m, the Izu have been grazing cows in spacious pastures that do not think that, on the day of Suruga Bay and sunny spread under eyes overlook also Southern Alps and Mt Fuji We also recommend a "Ranch house" with mountain huts like delicious milk and soft cream.
【03】Chohachi Art MuseumChohachi Art Museum valuable work of the master craftsman, Chohachi Irie of plastering are on display opened in Showa (time period)Chohachi Irie's Plaster Relief are highly regarded in the art world as unique mural techniques. The book art museum of excellent design is also a famous building as "a building that blended Edo (time period) with the 21st century".
【04】Iwakuni Elementary SchoolImportant cultural property Iwashina school was completed in September, Meiji (time period).It is an impressive building incorporating Western style such as sea cucumber and shrine temple style, balcony, it is known as the earliest primary school in Japan.
【05】Former Amagi TunnelYasunari Kawabata famous Mt Amagisan Zuido ( Former Amagi Tunnel ) famous for Yasunari Kawabata's novel 'Izu no Odoriko' and Matsumoto Seicho's novel 'Amagi goe' is a stone road tunnel constructed entirely of quarry and the longest total length in the country It is the oldest tunnel completed at 445 meters, and Meiji (time period) 37.It is also designated as an important cultural asset of the country, and has been chosen as Japan's Top 100 Roads.
【06】Kawazu 7 falls·Loop BridgeKawazu 7 falls has its name, there are 7 waterfalls and you can enjoy it on the hiking course.
National Route 414 Kawazu Nanadaru Loop Bridge located at the entrance of Nanadaru Onsen National Route 414 is a huge double-loop bridge with a total length of 1.1km, a height of 45m and a diameter of 80m. (Viaduct that has a height difference of the road followed by double helix) It has become a sight since the establishment of Showa (time period) 56 years and you can experience "2 rotation panorama".
【07】Bagatelle ParkFrance is the sister garden of Bagatelle Park Bois de Boulogne de Bois de Boulogne in Paris. 6,000 roses of 1,100 species including rare varieties will celebrate in spring and autumn.Guests can enjoy a gardening shop with rose seedlings and miscellaneous goods at the experience shop that creates original fragrances, and a delicious lunch restaurant is also provided.
【08】ShirahamaIt is the largest Izu beach with beautiful white sandy beach of 700 m and ocean of emerald green continued.The wood deck and the wooden promenade are maintained and you can enjoy the resort feeling.In addition to being selected as "Japan's Best 88 Swimming Beaches", it is Mecca of surfing and wind surfing.
【09】Shimoda RopewayIzu’s Top Three Scenic Spots the summit of the summit of Mt. Mt Nesugata, which is one of the Izu’s Top Three Scenic Spots, overlooks Izu 7 Islands on a clear day, including Shimoda Port. Various flowers bloom every season In the natural park of the summit there is the Aizendo, which is a museum of marriage.
【Ten】Ryosenji TempleRyosenji Temple is a nationally designated historic site for which the Japan and US Treaty of Peace and Amity was concluded at the end of the Edo period between the Perry and the Shogunate which specified the details of the port of Japan opening. Also known as aka Jasmine Temple, the "Scent flower festival" takes place in the middle of May to the beginning of June, when about 1000 shares of America Jasmine ( Nioiban Festival ) are in full bloom. .
【11】Shimoda AquariumA fun aquarium where dolphins swim freely, taking advantage of natural coves and clean seas.Begin the show of dolphins and sea lions, three types of Dolphin contacts that can touch dolphins are extremely popular! Penguins and sea otters, sea turtles are living a lifetime and you can enjoy it all day long.
【12】TsumekizakiKnown as the 3 million Nosuisen, it is a popular scenic spot throughout the four seasons, including a spectacular view from Chalka lighthouse that overlooks the Izu 7 Islands and the "Suisen Festival" held from the late 12 th to the end of January.
【13】IrozakiIrozaki is the southernmost point of the Izu Peninsula.A striking cliff of 60 meters in height continued, and the famous lighthouse built in the year of Meiji (time period) 4 is standing.There is a rock Irojinja Shrine on the cliff where it looks clumsy when looking downward, and from the tip of the Irojinja Shrine a spectacular panorama overlooking the Izu 7 Islands spreads.

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