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One scene of memories starts with the background of the blue sea and the sunset pageant.
Nishiizu will guide you to Crystal View Hotel, a resort in front of a beautiful beach in Nishiizu.
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Hotel Name

Nishiizu, Crystal View Hotel


2102-1 Ugusu, Nishiizu Town, Kamo County, Shizuoka Prefecture

Telephone number



●Approximately 63km approximately 90 minutes from Tomei Numazu IC
Numazu IC - Shuzenji(National Route 136)~ Funahara Pass ~ Toi ~ Ugusu Onsen
●About 65km approximately 70 minutes from the second Tomei Nagaizumi, Numazu IC
Nagaizumi·Numazu IC - Izu Longitudinal Pass Nagaizumi IC- National Route 136 - Funahara Pass - Toi - Ugusu Onsen

Pick-up presence (condition)
Dogashima Bus Stop or Toi Port, by prior reservation
Pickup available※Conditions etc Required inquiries
  • Wide area map, WIDE AREA

  • Detail view, CLOSE UP

  • By car, BY CAR

    【Suruga Bay Ferry】
    The Suruga Bay Ferry, a 65-minute ride from Kiyomizu Port to Toi Port, allows you to travel comfortably without knowing the traffic congestion.
    For details, please see "at ferry".

    【By train + car rental】
    If you use rent-a-car from Shimoda Station or Shuzenji Station you can enjoy comfortable sightseeing without traffic jam.
  • By train, BY TRAIN

    ※Please note that we do not operate express bus from Numazu Station now.

    【By bus from the station】
    Tokai Bus is available from Shuzenji Station and Mishima Station stations.
    For each route, please get off at the bus stop "Ugusu Crystal Beach" in front of the hotel.
    Please confirm the details such as the timetable of Tokai Bus here
  • By ferry, BY FERRY

    ※Suruga Bay Ferry is scheduled to stop flight in March 2019.

    ●Suruga Bay Ferry is 65 minutes from Kiyomizu Port to Toi Port. You can comfortably coming without knowing the traffic jam.

    ●You can use passenger-only boarding without reservation.
    We will provide a free pick-up bus to Toi Port.
    (Advance reservation is required.We may not be able to respond to the offer on the day, so please reserve as soon as possible.)

    ●You can book your car reservation.(Reservation reception: from 1 month before to the day before the boarding day from 9:00 to 16:30)
    The cars other than reserved cars will be on first come, first served basis.
    If you cannot berth at Toi Port, you may be berthed at Tago Fishing Port (Nishiizu-cho) as an alternative port.
    Moreover, it may be canceled due to weather conditions.

    ●Suruga Bay Ferry dog period(Holiday)
    From mid-January until late

    ●For details such as reservation, confirmation of flight status, fee etc., inquiries
    【Suruga Bay Ferry】
    Telephone: 054 - 353 - 2221, or from Suruga Bay Ferry Web site, please.