The pageant of the blue sea and the sunset.Dogashima Onsen·Ugusu, Nishiizu Crystal View Hotel
Nishiizu, Crystal View Hotel
A hot spring resort overlooking the west coast Crystal Beach

【Official】Nishiizu Crystal View Hotel

Nishiizu Ugusu Onsen with a warm climate and beautiful Japanese scenery

The fact that public transportation has not developed has protected the rich nature of the west coast of Izu Peninsula and the original landscape of Japan.
From the base Mishima Station takes Izuhakone Railway to Shuzenji Station, and then it takes a bus to travel more than 2 hours, but I promise to meet the wonderful scenery.

Such a large resort hotel with Crystal Beach under your eyes at such Ugusu Onsen.

Enjoy the wonderful landscape, the grace of the delicious season, and the high quality hot springs and enjoy the intimate resort stay.

I am waiting for the coming of many visitors from the bottom of my heart.


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Nishiizu, Crystal View Hotel


2102-1 Ugusu, Nishiizu Town, Kamo County, Shizuoka Prefecture

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●Approximately 63km approximately 90 minutes from Tomei Numazu IC
Numazu IC - Shuzenji(National Route 136)~ Funahara Pass ~ Toi ~ Ugusu Onsen
●About 65km approximately 70 minutes from the second Tomei Nagaizumi, Numazu IC
Nagaizumi·Numazu IC - Izu Longitudinal Pass Nagaizumi IC- National Route 136 - Funahara Pass - Toi - Ugusu Onsen

Pick-up presence (condition)
Dogashima Bus Stop or Toi Port, by prior reservation
Pickup available※Conditions etc Required inquiries
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Day Use

  • Day Use, day's-use

    Nishiizu way back to sightseeing in Nishiizu. A meal and a swimming pool on a day trip,
    Guest rooms and banquets are also welcome.

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